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The Cemetery Memorial Guide



These days as our families grow, more often than not, we also grow further apart geographically. This has created a highly desired service that is presently unavailable in our community.


In response to an increasing number of requests for this service, we are adding this link in our web site for a directory service that will maintain a listing for persons wishing to sell or exchange their burial rights.


Often these sites have been owned by a family member for years and are located in an area of the cemetery that may be full or have limited space still available.

The cemeteries sole role in this sale or transfer is to ensure the accuracy in present and future cemetery burial right ownership records.


Payment for the burial right sites is made directly to the seller and the transfer fee for recording the deed is made to the cemetery. These payments are made at the time of the sale.


Present owners of the deeds must notify the cemetery office of their desire to sell or transfer their burial rights.  There they will get instructions on adding their sites to the directory.