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Born December 15, 1917.

Son Of Charles Alexander Avant and Mattie Aulds Avant.
On March 12, 1967 he married Mary "Maggie" Fuller Jackson.
Until his death on March 12, 1995 they owned and operated
Twin Cities Memorial Gardens.

Mr. Lester has two sisters Florine Wimberley, and Doris Wimberley
(who married brothers).
Mr. Lester died on March 12, 1995 at Long Leaf Nursing Home in
Ruston, Louisiana.
He suffered from Parkinsonís and Alzheimerís diseases.
Before his admission to the nursing home he resided at 345 Cheniere
Drew Road in West Monroe.

His immediate family genealogy includes:

Paternal Grandparents: William Avant and Susan Johnson Avant

Aunts: Mary Averette, Lizzie Green, Minnie Bullock, Pearl Malone

Uncles: Jim Avant, William Avant, Frank Avant, Osa Avant

Maternal Grandparents: James Aulds (Jim)and Ida Holloway Aulds

Aunts: Eva Avant, Ada Spillers, Elma Malone, Jewel Jordan, Bessie Aulds,
Vinnie Malone

Uncles: Dennis Aulds

Nieces and Nephews: (Florine) Herschel Wimberley, Virginia Walker
(Doris) Ronald Wimberley, Dale Wimberley,
Ilene Snyder, Betty Gayle Sullivan
(Note) Eva Avant and Osa Avant are married.

Mr.Lester completed his high school education at Ouachita Parish High School.
Served in the Army from 1941-1945. He was a member of New Chapel Hill Baptist Church.

He disliked Coconut, but enjoyed Baseball, baseball caps, eggs, M&Mís, and fishing.

This Memorial was submitted by his sister Doris Wimberley.
He was her only brother and she remembers his enjoyment of gardening,
picking berries and bringing fruits & vegetables to her.
She says they also finished high school together.