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E.B. Jackson was born October 27, 1918 to parents Edward Benjamin Jackson Sr. and Laura Maud Gordon Jackson. He had one brother Odis Jackson who is buried at Community Church of Christ in Eros, Louisiana his spouse is Ethel Fuller Jackson.  His sister Pearl Jackson Allen and her husband Homer Allen are buried at Monroe Memorial Park in Monroe, Louisiana.

On December 1, 1945 at the age of 27 he married Mary Magdalene "Maggie" Fuller. Together they had three sons, Jackie Edward Jackson, Rodney Alex Jackson born July 17, 1948 and Danny Benjamin Jackson born October 24, 1950.

Miss Maggie Fuller was the granddaughter of Jack Mead & Sally Fuller and S. L. & Emily Lawrence. She was the daughter of Jack and Nancy Lawrence Fuller.           




Mr. E. B. had a High School Education.  He loved 1950’s and older music, baseball, swimming, fishing, hunting, old cars, home cooking, Drive Ins, Tarzan Movies, the color Brown and smoking his Cigars. The things he really disliked were rudeness in men and wearing a hat in the house. For hobbies he enjoyed designing and building furniture, rabbit hunting, tap dancing and photography.



Edward Benjamin Jackson, Sr. (father)

In front of his Cleaning Shop and Restaurant which was located in Eros, Louisiana



Mr. E.B. spent his military career in the Photo Infantry Division of the Army Air Corp. during World War II. Their job was to be dropped in before the troops so that they could film and photograph the paratroopers and bombs as they were deployed from the planes to their respective objectives. Their platoon was lost in the Philippine Islands for 7 weeks. He was an expert marksman; he could take 10 paces, turn and light a kitchen match with either a pistol or rifle. 

During his tour of duty to his country his best friend was Broderick Crawford.  Mr. Crawford starred in the weekly television show “Highway 54” as a State Patrol Officer.

After his tour of duty Mr. E.B. worked in many professions; photography, carpentry, upholstery, farming, ranching, post treatment factory, logging and mechanics.



E.B.Jackson, Sr. (father)



He was a very stern yet gentle man.   He wouldn’t tolerate rudeness or disrespect in men or children. But took furniture he made to the children’s homes and other homes that were needy, even if he had to do without.

He passed away at the age of 47 on July 24, 1965 of an Acute Heart Attack. Mr. E.B. is buried at Halsey Cemetery in West Monroe, Louisiana.

This memorial was prepared and submitted as a Memorial by his son Danny Benjamin Jackson.