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Twin Cities Memorial Gardens

8729 Cypress St.

West Monroe, LA 71291

396-2620 / 396-2067 Fax: 318-396-2067

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(Covering: lots, bronze, granite, vaults, scrolls, and refinishing kits)

1.) Monthly Payment

2.) Two-Thirds

3.) Payment In Full

There are no interest, finance, or late charges to concern yourself with, as with other payment programs elsewhere.

1.) Monthly Payment-Pay down and monthly what is affordable to your budget.

2.) Two-Thirds-After two-thirds of bronze is paid (either by monthly payments or two-thirds up front), we will then be able to order bronze, granite, and vase (if applicable). You can continue to pay monthly and pay the balance when the bronze comes in OR you can wait until the bronze comes in and pay the balance upon delivery of the bronze. (This does not apply to lots, scrolls, vaults, or refinishing kits unless otherwise approved by management official.)

3.) Payment In Full-Payment is made in full, deeds are made for lots and sent out or picked up. Bronze, scrolls, and refinishing kits will be ordered, placed, and set as soon as possible. Vaults will be held in storage until the time of need.

LOT INFORMATION-After lots are selected and payment is received in full a deed will be made and sent out or picked up as indicated above. (Methods 1.) and 3.) apply to the lots.)

BRONZE INFORMATION-(Methods 1.) - 3.) apply to this.) Also included, would be four words of inscription and two-three emblems (depending on size of emblem and bronze memorial) at no extra cost on most individual bronze memorials. Up to six words of inscription and three - four emblems on most companions. Names, surnames, and dates are standard. Inscription being-"Beloved wife and Mother". If a bronze memorial on granite is purchased through an outside source, there will be an installation fee applied based on the granite size. See GRANITE INFORMATION for these details.

SCROLL INFORMATION-(Methods 1.) and 3.) apply to this.) Death date scrolls are not included in the cost of our bronze memorials, unless there is a death at the time of ordering. These have to be paid in full before we can order them.

GRANITE INFORMATION-(Methods 1.) - 3.) apply to this.) As mentioned in BRONZE INFORMATION, a bronze memorial on granite bought from an outside source will have an installation fee applied. This fee is based on .50 per square inch of the granite size. This fee will have to be paid in advance or accompany the bronze memorial upon delivery before it can be accepted. Our cost has the installation included so there are no extra fees. We have varied sizes and colors of granite to choose from.

VAULT INFORMATION-(Methods 1.) and 3.) apply to this.) We have two types of vaults to choose from: Fiberglass-$695.00 / Polypropylene-$995. These have to be paid in full before they can be used.

REFINISHING KITS-(Methods 1.) and 3.) apply to this.) These can be ordered and carried out through our company so you do not have to have the bronze memorial disassembled and sent off. It is done here on the grounds and revitalizes the appearance of the bronze memorial.

(If you have any questions, please donít hesitate to call)