Regal Iris

Regal Iris captures the essence of her majestic beauty and dignity.

The Grapevine

Grapevine-The grapevine symbolizes the harvest of a rich, full life.

Regal Iris

Iris was the Goddess of the Rainbow.

Maple Leaf

The Maple Leaf memorial says that true love is unending. It says that you remember. Most beautiful during the waning of the year, the Maple teaches us dignity and hope at a time of loss.


One of the most popular Fall flowers, the Marigold is well known for its beautiful blossoms. Symbolic of a life lived to the fullest, this elegant flower provides a perfect memorial motif.

Oak Leaf

The Oak Leaf is associated with strength and endurance. The Oak Leaf memorial commemorates the bond of love.


The Palm branch was used to suggest a martyr's triumph over death.


Even if the Pine Tree finds only a cliff's ledge to cling to, it still grows straight and tall. The Pinebough memorial represents this devotion to excellence.

Regal Palm

To the ancient Romans the Palm Frond represented the symbol of victory, this meaning was carried into Christian symbolism.

Regal Iris

Regal Palm

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