Crown Dogwood

Down through the centuries the Dogwood has become, through its use as the Cross of Christ, the symbol of unrelenting love, devotion, and mankind's visual symbol for salvation and perpetual eulogy.

Crown Oak Lawn

The elegant simplicity of Oaklawn sets an appropriate background for individual choice of personal, fraternal or service emblems.

Crown Pine

The Pine memorial conveys unwavering and eternal devotion. Ever green, ever alive, the Pine stands for constant remembrance and undying devotion.

Crown Rose

The rose, an expression of spiritual beauty has long symbolized life after death. It has always been treasured for its sweet fragrance and delicate beauty. A lasting and sensitive expression of the love two people shared in their lifetime.

Crown Wheat

Like sheaves of wheat that will nourish and fulfill many, the Wheat memorial will ensure that the memory of one's life will continue to fulfill and comfort those left behind.

Crown Wheat Edge

Crown Rose Edge

Crown Pine Edge

Crown Oak Lawn

Crown Dogwood

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